How do I make gamepad that works on mobile?

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    The gamepad plugin states that it only works on PC, I know that html5 has some gamepad set up of its own through javascript. Should I implement it that way to get it to work on mobile? Will it work on Tizen?(Granted if they already have bluetooth controllers).

    Thanks in advance for the help. On gamesalad, an engine I made my last game on, they had gamepad support that extended to android/iOS, but not HTML5.

  • Add the touch element as well...

  • I am confused by the answer. : / Do you mean the touch element contains something that would help with the bluetooth controller?

    My game would play really well with a gamepad of some sort, wether on mobile or PC.(This screenshot is glitched, only suppose to be 5 enemies at a time usually).

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  • So you're not wanting to add control to your directional pad by touch for your mobile version?

  • ALLMarkMade I mean this kind of controller, since I already have touch controls in the game. ... controller

    I own a Moga controller and a third party bluetooth controller for testing on Android devices. So I want to see if there is a way to set up controls for not only native, but HTML5 via bluetooth on mobile, since the gamepad object, from what I understand, only works on PC controllers.

    The last engine I used, Game Salad, has it working out of the box(for both native mobile, and PC) but not for html5 since the control system is drastically different.

  • Android gamepads are definitely not all created equal, but I was really pleased to discover that the gamepad plugin does work with android bluetooth gamepads and keyboards, you've just gotta get a gamepad that actually does what's required. The ipega-pg90XX, which works pretty well for android games in general, doesn't seem to work at all, however the moga pro 2 in HID mode works perfectly. The moga pro 2 also worked perfectly in chrome os with android support with the same bindings you'd expect for an xbox controller. I also noted that the chromebook keyboard has the same key bindings as pc, which wasn't the case when debugging exported apks from other frameworks.

    Note: I exported cordova from construct 2 and compiled the apk using cordova from the terminal.

    I've come to expect that if the gamepad is connected and the html5 gamepad tester is receiving input as well as the android gamepad tester app, it's going to work. ... epadtester

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