Gamepad player 2 not moving right, left, up, and down

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  • Hey guys,

    I'm having a tough time figuring out why player 2 on gamepad cannot move up, down, etc. However, it can move rightup, leftup, downright, and downleft with the same setup as player 1..

    So I copied player 1's setup for player 2 for the right and it would not move, but player 1 can move right.

    Here's what I have.. Picture This is the .CAPX file.

  • have you enabled custom controls? i forget the exact terminology used in the software, but under the 8directional behavior options there should be something about custom or default controls, that allows you to use something other than the arrow keys, may be blocking the coded keys from running.

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  • Hey,

    Ya, the yes/no custom controls is on no for both of them. I played with the setting a bit and it doesn't fix it. The odd part is its only the other directions up/down/left/right for player 2. Player 2 can still move with same setup from the 4 other directions (leftright, etc). They both function without conflicting buttons since they have different IDs, but idk what is going on with player 2 controls.

    picture of it not being enabled. If I enable it, it doesn't use the simulation control I setup, so I set it to no.

  • In your screenshot, you refer to Gamepad(1) as you should, but still look to the axis of the first gamepad "gamepad.axis(0,0)" instead of "gamepad.axis(1,0)" and so on.

  • Thank you Kyatric!! *Hug <3

    Spent a lot of time on this and I'm glad the controls are working. :3

    Just to double check to see if it is 100% correct this is what I have..

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