Gamepad + Keyboard at the same time

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  • Hello! i m pretty new at this Forum, and to the C2 as well, learning a lot here, my question is about the options for the player movements, my today project is a sidescrolling plataform, and i want to give the option to play with Keyboard or Gamepad.

    i wonder if there's a way to make a event work like this

    if pressing keyboard button "space"


    pressing gamepad button A

    plataform makes action

    my doubt is about the OR.

  • yes of course.

    Make sure you have both the keyboard and gamepad object added to your project by double clicking a blank area of your layout.

    Then after you've created the first event: eg: on keyboard pressed

    right click the same event and choose "add another condition" and choose gamepad on button pressed

    Then right click the event a third time and choose "make "OR" block and it will separate the two conditions into an OR statement

  • Hello Justifun.

    Thank's a lot! it worked perfectly on my project.

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  • hi guys, getting back to my question, i was making the adjustments for the game to be played with keyboards or gamepads, but when i get to this kind of event,

    where there are a lot os conditions that must match, i cant put an "OR" in it.

    how can i overcome that? there's a way to put the OR just between the selected ones?

  • hey kkmultes, I might be able to help out. Check your inbox

  • hi bsxarl88 my inbox is empty.

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