How do I make the Gamepad Behavior work

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  • I'm creating a small multiplayer game and I need that everyone can play with his gamepad>

    But Construct 2 does not recognize the analog stick movement!!!

    I can press all the buttons and recognize them, but not the analog sticks.

    In debug there is no variable for analog stick axis!

    Is it a bug or I am silly? <img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/icon_lol.gif" alt=":lol:" title="Laughing" />

    I made all the events like in this manual entry:, because my game is a platformer.

    So "Jump" works, but not the movement with the analog stick.

    Sorry for my bad English. <img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/icon_rolleyes.gif" alt=":roll:" title="Rolling Eyes" />

  • Xbox controller? or all the others?

  • The gamepad plugin is not very well drafted.

    It has quite a few limitations.

    I also just try.

    I do not think I get a reply.

    But somehow I must also hammer out ...

  • Hi, just press any key once your game is started and it will activate the analog sticks.

  • Only for axis 0-3, not for 4-9...

  • deathangel1479

    What did you mean by axis 4-9, if we speak about controller like xbox/playstation gamepad, every axis is usable on construct 2. I've never try with something like fly simulation joystick or racing wheel, but gamepad surely does.

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  • We talk about the same thing.

    My gamepad(really gamepad!) use axis 0,1,2,5,9. Construct handle only 0-3.

    Really! May be you bought a gamepad that use 0-3... Then you were lucky.

    I cant say my users later, you can only use one of this 3 gamepads...

    Plug in your gamepad and be amazed.(raw mode)

    Or I do it for you...

  • Everything work for me (except "extra button" because I don't have any), maybe you need a driver or it could be a bug with your OS or your web navigator?

    Drivers links: ... or-windows <- for the wired controller ... or-windows <- for the wireless one

    Edit: what is your controller exactly, I don't have the same thing when I go on your website.

  • Really?

    My gamepad works great in windows, in any normal game, in the online html5 controller test, but not in construct2 because construct only accept axis 0-3.

    You dont see it, because you dont have these axis... Like I dont have this extra button...

    But you see, all works in this tester, and its also html5... In construct they are ignored, what is not ok. Needs upgrade, then are all compatible.

    No need that they are in the list of the specific compare condition, but they should be useable in raw.

    Logitech Chillstream PS3

  • Well, I actually have more than 4 axis, but since my driver automatically do the trick (convert axis as button when needed), I thinked at this in the first place, so It's a misunderstanding. There is probably a way for the develloper to implement more controller API, since you ask them it's wait and see now. You can still use tool like this: until they fix it in an update (so you will be able to create a game compatible with some gamepad already and test it with your controller).

  • It's not about me, but about the enduser. I can not say to them you need additional software or buy an other controller.

    I cant build my controller setup...

    It's annoying that I do not even get a negative response.

    I think, for the developer that is no problem.

    They build this plugin, I think with a specific controller, and build a template with it.

    Later they added one or two more.

    But that is not needed, there is a default system that work for all controller.

    If you click there on the "the article" link, you come to all you need, to build a real usefull gamepad plugin.

    I would write it myself, but I'm not good enougth in javascript, to do it. I can do some little things, but that I do not trust me. Too deeply into the matter.

    Additional there are some missing functions, so you cant figure out(easily, yes you can do it with a big workarround) when any axis was pushed, and what index it was, from which gamepad index? For every other click we have this in construct. I would save this under gamepad type name in local storage, so you have a setup. That's standard system, construct use everywhere.

  • I must roll back a little, you have brought me something in rage.


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