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  • Hey Folks,

    Apparently I posted this in the wrong place, sorry, so have moved it to here.

    I have dabbled in construct for a year or two and after some really positive feedback on a new idea I created "Ball Game".

    The idea of the game is to dodge the balls, and survive as long as possible. The issue I am having is with the leaderboard intergration. I have followed a couple of tutorials and copied elements from both, I can get the scores to send through to GameJolt, the leaderboard is filling up from that end.

    However, when trying to display the top ten from my leaderboard I have a text.append action for each score that is loaded. This is not happening. The text is edited on the "Scores Received" action, which does happen, but it never appends with the scores in the proceeding "For each score" action.

    What I would like is for the high scores to be displayed when the player dies, and I would like them to be displayed wether they have logged in with a gamejolt ID or not.

    Is this even possible? I feel the game is pretty much ready, apart from the leaderboard ofc, would anybody be able to take a butchers at the attached capx and suggest where I might be going wrong?

    Thanks in Advance


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