How do I get my game to work on my android tablet

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  • Got my first game finished, a basic drag drop game but it will not play properly on my android tablet, it runs extremely slow and there is no sound. I guess I should have checked it as I was going along but I thought such a basic game would run on a tablet with no problems so didn't check it until finished. the game only has a few blocks you drag on screen and a few sprites moving across side to side but for some reason it wont play on the tablet although it will load and play it is so slow that you cant play it and there is no sound and a few words are missing from text boxes. it plays fine on the arcade here and on the run layout on C2. If someone would like to take a look at the game files to see where I went wrong I would appreciate it as there is prob tons of errors in there i'm not aware of.

  • Hi

    I just had the same problem but on a second loading the sounds work but some of the text is missing. I am using a chrome browser and it works fine on my laptop chrome browser. I thought perhaps there was a plugin I was missing but it doesnt seem so and I cant see what else you could do with the text settings to affect it.

    Edit: I just closed the browser altogether and when I reopened it with the project over LAN the sound did not work until I refreshed it from within the browser. Having said that the sound works sometimes and not others.

    I solved my text problem by splitting some text into two seperate text objects and by changing the font from Times New Roman to Arial.

    I also got an error message when I opened it in the browser at first so I need to report that, when I figure out how

  • The slow performance seems to be due to the huge amount of text boxes used.

    As a test, I just removed the text boxes and it ran fine over wi-fi on my old Galaxy s3 mobile. Before removing the text boxes, it was unplayable.

  • Thanks Zenox98, now I have the probable answer is there a solution other than permanently removing the text boxes as I kinda need them in the game to explain what's going on, or is there an alternative way other than using text boxes to show the text.

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  • It's down to how text boxes are rendered. If targetting desktop then no problem, but I would avoid if targetting mobile. Try Sprite Font instead.

    I didn't look too deeply but I can't ever see a need for so many text boxes (or Sprite fonts if you choose).

  • I just noticed that my android tablet was trying to download updates, which I stopped but that a chrome update was included so I updated that and now it seems to be working just fine.

  • Turning the Web GL option to off has done the trick and now it plays on my tablet like a nun on heat. Maybe someone a lot more intelligent than me can explain why but in any event its working now. cheers!!

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