How do I make a game like Unblock Me?

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  • If you remember the game Unblock Me for iOS, then I would like to create one like that as well.

    My only problem is that the collisions between 2 blocks wont work. I tried to make a event, whenever a block collide with another, dragdrop would automatically drop. But when I drag the block again, it just went through the other block.

    How can I make the blocks collide properly?

  • Hi animehunter,

    I'm having the same issues where on drag and drop the block goes through other blocks if I drag to hard. So far I have not seen any other solution to this problem. Have you had any success?


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  • I have a solution to this issue:

    1) Take the moving sprite (for example your vertical moving bar) - position by the left wall and record its position (x,y)

    2) Go to the events sheet and add an event, select the sprite and double click on collision with another object (collision sprite)

    3) Add to actions for that sprite A) Drop Drag Drop and B) Set position (here is where you place the position (x,y) ) this is where the sprite will stop when collision is true.

    you need to do this to all possible collisions along the path of the sprite.

    Good Luck,


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