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  • Hey guys,

    Just having a think. Say for example I want to create a top down rpg... I then want to have a battle like pokemon or final fantasy. Effectively that's 2 different styles of games in 1. What is the best way to transition between the two modes. I can't just jump to the level, because I'd want the character to remain in the same place. Is it possible to have a separate layout on top of another layout, or do I have to just store every single aspect of the character's position, as well as every enemy, etc? Seems like a lot of information to store just to cut to a mini battle, or detailed menu screen.

  • you can use multiple layouts with the same Event sheet.

    and yes... you will have to set up alot of variables to pull it off.

  • Thanks for that! I may have explained incorrectly though. I would say for example I would like 2 different layouts to appear on the same screen. Is that possible? Player 1 and player 2 at different points in a level for example, split screen?

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  • I haven't tried, but I think it's possible with R0J0hound's canvas plugin.

    Maybe try Yann's example in this post?

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