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    So there is this game called cookie clicker and i decided to make a clone of it.....well i like to download peoples capx and completely remodel and change it so it looks like a whole new i was wondering if any of you could make a very simple version of cookie clicker( ) and post the capx. if you could do this then THANK YOU

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    I Have 300 Rep Now (Wow <img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/icon_razz.gif" alt=":P" title="Razz"> ) Here Is A Real Link

  • Basicaly, you want a game made and then change sprites ? Sorry don't have that. I have hints on how to make one yourself though if you like.

    CookieClicker is an incremental game, and I know you can even find some "incremental game generator" online, where you only have to replace assets, and choose building types, power, prices, ... Orteil (the one behind coockie clicker) even made one (here is the help section, the game maker is under maintenance).

    As for the coockie clicker game, it's realy not that hard to build. It's a sprite that you click, it does some effects, it adds each time points to a cookie total. Buildings are also just sprites, a base price, and a counter of how many you have. Everything else is calculated every tick with good old maths, functions, ... and finaly displayed.

    One last thing, if you are going to make one of those games, try to take a look at this article on coockie clicker, explaining how it did things right.

  • This guy is a joke.

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  • Joskin...........Just Stop........ AnyWays.....Guizmus Thank You

  • Well, Joskin is kind of right you know, you come on a forum with developement help, and ask for a finished game to package and distribute... I thought I would just stop at my first sentense since you didn't search for it either. Glad if it helps though...

  • i feel pointless..............also i ask for help because i need it i just started this and i need finished games to completely CHANGE them.........................thanks alot...

  • Joskin - please refrain from insulting people on the forum. We want to keep this place friendly for everybody, and posts like the one you made make the forum less friendly.

    That said, CraftedStudios - I don't think you realize what you're asking for. You're asking someone to do a bunch of work and then just hand it over to you, apparently, for free. Games seem easy and quick to make, but even polishing up the most bare bones game takes a lot more work than you might expect. As such, it comes off as rude, even if it's unintentional (which not everyone might realize).

    I recommend learning how to make the game you described yourself. You'll be able to make it play exactly as you want, have a sense of accomplishment for completing the task, and learn some useful skills in the process.

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