Game stuck at preload screen?

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  • Hello...

    We are using a layout(preload screen) to preload all sounds before Game starts.After all preloads completed it takes to the next Layout which is the title screen.

    Here the problem is when we preload lot of sounds, the preview just gets stuck on preload screen because the browser loses connection with preview engine but if we reduce the number of sounds to be preloaded then it works.

    Can any one help please?

    Thank You

  • Any errormessages to share?

  • see the Manual about preloading audio /

    it says:

    Only two or three sounds should be preloaded at once

    and it also says:

    You can also use the Preload action to start downloading an audio file without actually playing it. This can be done on Start of layout to start downloading a few important sound effects so there is no delay when they are played for the first time. However it is entirely optional (all games will work without any preloading at all), and it should not be over-used since preloading too many sound effects on startup can slow down browsers with too much downloading and result in no sound effects playing at all for a while.

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  • Reading is fundamental... just sayin...

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