is a game like stardew valley possible?

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  • hi I am just starting to use construct 2, loving it so far following tutorials right now, but eventually id like to make a game along the lines of harvest moon, stardew valley, my question is can I make a crop grow over time ?from like seed > seedling > plant > fruit on plant, and maybe how I would do that, thanks sorry if this a stupid question.

  • Sure it's possible.

  • Don't listen to us, take advice from the CREATOR of Stardew valley, recommending an easier engine like Gamemaker or Construct 2:

    "Unless your game cannot be made otherwise, definitely use something like GameMaker. I know there might be an urge to prove oneself as a "real programmer" by making everything from scratch, but in the end it's not really worth it and it will drain months of your life for no good reason. Of course, some projects are just too grand or unconventional and could not be made using gamemaker. I'm still not quite sure if I could've made Stardew using something like that, but it's too late now anyway... and true, now that I spent all the effort to do it myself the extra control and flexibility is nice. But if you are just starting out in game development you should probably be making small, simple games anyway."

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  • thanks

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