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  • Hello everyone,

    I'm a newbie in Construct 2 & Game Development as well. I have downloaded C2 but there are few questions in my mind:

    1) Can a Multiplayer HTML5 Game be built in C2?

    2) How to make(Which software is used to make?) Maps, Players & such objects for use in C2(whose Graphics will look like that of Ghost Hunter)?

    3) Is there any maximum limit of how many levels can be made in C2?

    4) Can menus be made in C2 for choosing between Maps & Characters and/or levels to play in C2?

    5) I'm not a PRO in C but do have enough knowledge of C & JS pretty looks like C (though JS is OO & interpreted) so if i want to make a RPG, do i have to use other Game Libraries like RPG.JS or can RPGs be made in C2?

    I'm thinking about a Game which will probably feel like "Ghost Hunter" Example(basically a 2D First Person Shooter with a bit bigger map).

    I'm asking about Multiplayer because i want to upload it in Facebook(which as for now, is pretty far though).

    I asked too many questions in 1 thread as i don't want to ask multiple questions in multiple parts of the forum. So i'm sorry for asking so many questions at once.

    Thank you

  • Hello,

    1/ Multiplayer games can be built in C2, but are pretty complicated to put online and HTML5 isn't fit for synchronous multiplayer at the moment.

    You can find more informations about this in the section "Multiplayer/Networking" in the How do I FAQ (link in my signature).

    But interfacing your game for facebook is partly handled in C2 already, be sure to check the tutorial how to make facebook game and the facebook plugin manual entry.

    2/ To make graphical sprites you can either use the built in image editor or some external software like photoshop, the Gimp,, ...

    The logical object itself you do it using C2's event and plugin/behavior system.

    For maps, you can import rooms from gamemaker or even from Tiled editor map thanks to a third part plugin.

    3/ No. In the free version though, there is a limit of 100 events to use in your whole project, and you can only use 4 layers per layout.

    Those limitations may or may not impact on the number of levels though it depends on how you implement your game.

    4/ I'm not sure to understand this question.

    5/ RPGs can be made in C2 using C2's event system. You can use third part JS plugins to help with tasks, but C2 in itself is enough.

    Though it's a complex task that needs to understand and know your way in C2.

    I'd first strongly recommend you to check several tutorials first (there are some that directly treat RPG).

    Be sure to go through the article "New to Construct: Where to start" in my signature and follow the diverse documentation linked in it.

    It should help you get a better grasp on how to work with Construct 2.

    Consider it as a programming language in its own right, fiddle a bit with it and get conquered.

    Welcome to C2 and the community.

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  • Okay Thank you.

    By the "Menus", i meant to ask if it's possible to allow users to choose between the characters they want to use for play & levels for the gameplay.

    I know that i am supposed to read the Manual for this one but still..

    What is meant by "4 layers per layout"?

    Thank you

  • Sure , C2 has endless possibilities , you only need experience !

    And for the Layers ... You know what I mean ...

    Cheers !

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