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  • Hello there ,

    When i try to play a game made with C2 in a pc that i have in office it run very slow while when i run the same game in my home pc it run ok.

    I was wondering if html5 is a language still not very suitable for creating games, especially because many PC users play with very poor pc.

    What do you think about? how to fix this problem?

  • Well, html5 is newer and hasn't completely made its way through the web yet. And, yes, a lot of people still run older machines but it's a thin line on if you want to create games using html5 or not. I like it, and it's the future because the technology and graphics will only be getting better and better. You should also make sure everything in your game is organised well, not a lot of events running in your current layout by making sure they are destroyed when not on the screen. It's hard to tell why it could be running slow without seeing the game structure. Right now I'm using a piece of crap laptop and my projects run fine on it. I would just go and check how everything is setup. You have to make sure your events are destroyed properly.

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  • What browser do you play the game on at the office? Is it the latest version of that browser? Some businesses don't upgrade their browsers often.

  • The speed of HTML5 games right now is far more to do with your browser and its version than how good your computer is.

    Firefox 7, Chrome 14 and Internet Explorer 9 all run HTML5 games excellently, and are getting even better. Older browsers are much slower, even on good computers!

    So check your browser is up to date! If you're at work or a school and you're not allowed to update the browser, you can install Chrome and Firefox on non-admin accounts. So try installing a different one.

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