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  • I am in the Army, and in an effort to help our new privates learn our specific job, im making a game like trivia crack, but with topics and questions relating to what we do. This would be an alternative to just endlessly reading field manuals. My question is, how do i pull up a random question after the topic is selected? and how to i create a database of questions that can be randomly selected, and continually updated?

    Any responses are appreciated, and any help is welcome. For us field artillery guys, the more we know, the more lives we can save!


  • I've not played trivia crack. However, what you asking is relatively simple.

    You would first need to create an array. On start up you set the size of the array, then set a question to each point of the array and then set text to a random point in the array.

    Then whenever you need a new question just again randomly select another point in the array.

    I have attached a very simple capx which does the above. A new question is generated each time you click the question text.

    I hope this helps!

  • Thanks, it did help! Really cool website btw. Ill be following what you're doing for sure.

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  • No problem and thanks. If you need help at any time just fire me a PM.

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