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  • I looked at the retro template, and it ran at a lower fps and I kind of liked that because it felt more like an older game. I was wondering how i would go about doing that for my own game.

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  • you mean lower the FPS ? try intensive spam of objects and delete them after 5 /10 seconds, or events that will slow it down

    or maybe see the fps function maybe you can limited it from c2! actually let me check that! )

    you can also slowdown the game by playing around with timescale function but for the FPS to change it to a surtain play rate i cant really see an action for it, unless there is a .asjson or some external coding to be added

  • The retro template runs at 60 FPS like any other C2 project. However, the template does turn on pixel rounding -- under project settings -- which can make movement look less smooth, giving the illusion of a lower framerate.

    Honestly, there's no good way to actually limit the FPS, and I definitely wouldn't recommend slowing down the game on purpose by overloading the GPU/CPU -- this would have huge effects on power drain, amongst other things.

    One way to fake an FPS limit would be to update your events every other frame -- for example, by incrementing a global variable by 1 every frame and only updating all other events if this value is even. This will effectively run your event logic at 30 FPS assuming the game is rendering at 60 FPS. However, using this method you'd have to roll all of your own movements, as behaviors would still update 60 times per second.

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