How do I make my game run the same on all browsers?

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  • Hello everyone,

    I've been working on a game and previewing it on Chrome. I then tried previewing it on Firefox after I set up a couple of levels, first previewing it on Chrome. I have enemies spawning on timers:

    wait 1 second> spawn enemy, wait 1 second>spawn enemy

    The problem here is the timings are different on Firefox than when I previewed it with Chrome. On chrome they spawned the way I set them up, when I tried the firefox preview the timings were faster between waits throwing the timing and difficulty of the game off. Is there anyway to deal with this or fix it?

    Also, Firefox analog control is a bit wonky, anyone else have issues with it?

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  • Also, Firefox analog control is a bit wonky, anyone else have issues with it?

    Didn't knew that timers could cause problems depending on what browser you use. But in general there are some issues with how games are presented depending on the browser used, which is really avoiding, as you are never sure if your layout will be the same in the editor and in runtime. So might be something similar with the timer. However don't know how to fix it, as I do all my testing in NW.js

  • Yeah its weird, now the timings of my enemy spawns seem to be okay. Maybe it has something to do with switching preview browsers back and forth or because its a beta c2 version I dunno.

    The analog controller is not working the same though.

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