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  • Hey,

    Say I have a game that needs to have different themes for it, including different animations, graphics, sound but the same game logic.

    Is there a proper way of changing the themes dynamically or I'd have to have three different copies of the game?


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  • Sounds doable..

    All you'd need is 1 global variable telling which theme it is, and create the objects and play the sounds accordingly..

    The way you set this up is up to you..

    You could choose to use families (if you have a license) or animations..

    Maybe using other sprites for the behaviours and pinning the animations on top of them..

    It depends on what you are comfortable with and what suits your specific gameplay best..

  • Hey LittleStain,

    Thanks (again) for the help.

    This is a solution I thought about, but it means I include all these assets in the final build and since I want to support mobile I can't have all these assets taking space in advance. I'm wondering if there's a way to import these assets dynamically and keep the objects the same (only change the graphic files)

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