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  • hello guys I would like to know if there is likely to be created in a game quiz, where each User could log and then I could save their data: name, number d hit how long it took.

    thank you so much

  • Certainly possible. To log on and store their data, you'll need a database, so probably need to do some PHP/AJAX stuff. All fairly easy and there are some tutorials for that. The quiz part shouldn't be difficult. But you'll have to let us know where you're up to, so what you need help with specifically.

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  • hello friend thanks for the help, specifically I need some help in the architecture of the game, because this is my first time that I will use Construct 2. if you could point me where should I get for this desevouviemto fiicarei very grateful.

  • If it's your first game, I wouldn't worry about logging in and stuff yet. If you're looking to make a quiz game, start with getting the quiz screen done first. Is that what you're aiming at?

  • yes friend, it's my first game, I was wondering about the login e save data because i need that for my university work . i will start my project and of which wants question now i know there are people that might help me. thank you again for your help.

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