How do I make my game prototype availible on Dropbox?

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  • Sorry for posting this but guys I have tried everything, Public folder in DB, Got the link to the Index.html file and when I paste it, it shows saying the browser is not compatible in Chrome? also comes up with my dropbox?

    I want to show students the tech i've done and normally done it through Dropbox but it isn't working, I have followed through all the tutorials


  • hmmm from what I've seen around the forums, Chrome has broken a lot of things.. could it be the cause of this? I mean.. you said it normally works. Did you update Chrome?

    What about other browsers? does it paste there fine?

  • It just lets the user download the file rather than appearing in a box and being played

  • Here is what happens when I put it in the Public folder and get the link, I have done everything tutorials have asked me to do but its showing as a download rather than just playing in the browser.

  • Looks like you have javascript disabled.

    As for the dropbox link thing... when did you register your dropbox account? Not sure if it's still like this or not, but if you created your dropbox account after some date (like 2013 or something), then you could only get the link to a downloadable file which is useless for us. My account was created before then, so my dropbox gets the proper link fine. But you said "normally done it through Dropbox but it isn't working".. so it USED TO work?

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  • Found that its pretty much impossible without an old account.

    Anyone know any good UK FTP I can use to upload the game?

  • you can use google drive

  • Will the folder still be private?

  • i haven't tested ... i don't think so

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