I want to make a game where u have to press two keys at once

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  • I'm new to Construct, so I pretty much don't know anything so far. I have designed all the sprites, I just need to get it all working.

    Basically, the idea of the game is that you have to press one of the arrow keys, and one of the WASD keys at once. The keys are going to be displayed on the screen, and will indicate which ones need to be pressed by turning green. There is going to be a timer, which will quickly count down, and each time the player presses the two keys successfully, there are going to be extra time added, and they gain 1 point on the score. The score will be displayed in the middle, just like Flappy Bird. If the player presses any wrong key, or if they run out of time, they lose. There is also a character who will stand still and change animation every time the two keys are pressed.

    Hopefully, I haven't made this too complicated for you guys. I just want some advice on how to make those things work.

    Thank you

  • that would be in your event

    2 conditions

    key pressed

    arrow pressed

    = event

  • Carbincopy, you're forgetting the fact that there can be only one trigger in any event, regardless of what type of event it is. The solution would be:

    On W pressed

    Is Up down

    This way you can check for two keys, but one of them has to be held down, unless there's another solution.

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  • Could you just do:

    1st Key is down & 2nd key is down?

    And add the Trigger Only Once if you want it to only run once when both keys are down?

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