How do I make my game picking up 2 UID?

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  • I want to pick armor, then pick body and pin it but I dont know how (there are many bodies and armors)

  • If these armors & bodies are already exist in layout, You can just retrieve their UID values. But alternatively You can use IID which order based on objects creation at runtime.

    To pin certain armor into certain body, create an instance variable or local variable first then store the UID/IID into.

  • I already stored my UID in it, but what next (how to pin this object by UID)?

  • On Whatever you do to Equip Armour

    Pick Body by Unique ID

    - Armour: Set Position to Body at Image Point X

    - Armour Pin to Body

    Does that work?

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  • But I want to take 2 UID like:

    -Pick X by Unique ID

    -Pick Y by Unique ID

    -Pin X to Y

  • would go a lot better if i could see your code, I dont know how you're setting the whole process up so it can happen in a hundred different ways -- me saying one way might go completely against what you're doing in your code already. Be sure to tag me (@80bit) in your response so i get notified.

  • If there are many item X's and many item Y's, and you want to choose one of each, and pin them together, C2 can't guess that for you and neither can we. It's up to your logic to work that out. IF I've understood what you're asking.

    If you DO know which item X and item Y you want to choose, then you CAN pick each one by UID, then pin them.

    If they are BOTH the same object type (i.e. BOTH item X or BOTH item Y)then you can use a Family to pick.

    Does any of these fit what you're asking?

    edit: see if this helps. Here I'm using drag-drop to choose objects but you could use anything.


    edit: this one might be closer to what you're asking


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