Game optimisation - pathfinding arcade style low res on high

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  • I am creating arcade style game based on sample resolution 320x180 px, runned full screen on mobile devices. This resolution need different pathfinding settings, means cell size must be small (8 for example or less). Small cell sizes are worst for fps end here my question: when game is running full screen on HD device, means 320 is in fact for example 1280 px, cell size is 8 px still or interpolated to 8x4 = 32px? And "engine" calculations are for 32px cell? In my design grid and basic size is 8px (for screen 320x180px).

    This is for me important, because here can be 4x performance difference, and I can't check it on my device, because is too fast and I have always stable fps or difference is too small.

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