How do I get my game to not run very slowly on Xbox One?

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  • It runs sooo fast on PC/preview, and the Xbox is able to run such huge 3-D games, that I wonder if I'm missing something big somewhere between C2 and Xbox? The "Running app memory" of the Xbox Device Portal is almost always maxed out. I'd also rather avoid going down the "blame C2" route, and it's not like I have a choice anymore anyway. I reviewed these 3 manual pages: ... our-memory

    And made whatever changes I could, always choosing performance over quality. The slowest area in my game by far is the character creation mode, which I'm guessing is due to almost a thousand tiny jpgs that the events use for customization selections. I probably know very little about this stuff, but is there any way that, on the current layout, all images on all hidden layers can be treated as if they don't exist, so that they don't impact memory at all, until the layer is visible, at which point only then the objects are created? I'd much rather have delays at certain times, than an overall snail pace. (Actually, I'll probably try that: Make a backup of the char creation layout, make new events that create all needed objects exactly where they need to go when that layer is visible, and use a local variable to determine when ALL objects are again deleted every time a new layer instead becomes visible. But, hooboy, that'll take a while.)

    In the meantime, any advice would be appreciated.

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  • I've been battling Xbox performance too, and I've taken similar steps. Broken large images up into smaller ones, limit loops etc.

    The game I'm working on a very simple 4 player game that doesn't have much going on in terms of animation or images but I've struggled to get the FPS above 50FPS when all four players are on the go. But I think I've finally found the reason for my performance issues. For me it's the collision detection.

    To find this out I ended up breaking my event sheet and placing key events into groups, then I've been able to run the debug layout view and watch the performance of the groups in the profiler. This has allowed me to see some of the bottlenecks that cause problems on the Xbox. I've also used Chrome's CPU throttle to help get closer to what I'm seeing on the Xbox.

    Hope this helps, if you've got any tips on how you're working with Xbox I'd love to hear. I find it quite slow rebuilding and side-loading the application - hence my move to throttling Chrome.

  • All images on a given layout are loaded (uncompressed) into memory regardless of visibility.

    You're simply using more memory than the Xbox can handle. A PC often fudges graphical memory limitations by caching to hard drive (slow, but still works).

    You might try removing all the sprite objects/ customization options to see or confirm if it makes a difference.

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