How do I get my game to not move slowly on Xbox One?

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  • Testing on Xbox One, the platform behavior moves slowly, with slow walking, and low-gravity airtime. The attached Spriter animations appear to move fine enough. Other aspects that are slow include any menu cursor movements and selections that switch to another layout. Will the game actually move fast if released in the Creator's Collection, and is just slow in testing? Otherwise what should we do to improvement the performance of C2-made games on Xbox One? Obviously the Xbox One is a powerful system, but is there something that's, for example, loaded all at once, and taking up RAM all the time, in a C2-made game, versus a non-C2-made game, that some event work or such can fix up?

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  • FYI if you run your game from Visual Studio on your PC, it will be debugging, and it will run slower. Once it's loaded on the Xbox, if you run it directly from there (and not from your PC), it should run around full speed. Do you have a framerate counter in your game?

    Unfortunately the Xbox One is not a powerful system when it comes to html5 games, even mediocre PCs are often faster.

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