Game not loading on Android. Help pls!

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  • Hello, guys!

    I have a really big problem. My game not loading on android device, because for levels I use a large sprites(1500x1500 and more). Game have 30 levels and working only when I use not more than 11 levels. Help me please, it's very important, because I have publisher, whom intrested my game and i not want lose him.

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  • You know the problem is the large sprites? Change them!

    There is no reason to use sprites that large if your project viewport is smaller than that.

    It might take some events to run as expected, but if someone is interested, you should look into that.

  • But I have reason for it. I tried to cut the image into tiles, but this has no effect.

  • If you'd share your capx, someone could probably help you.

    I'm sure you've already read the tutorials about optimizing your game and done all the things in them before asking this question.

    If you don't want to change anything, don't expect the game to suddenly start working correctly.

    Have you looked in your export folder to see how the sprites are?

    Are they power of two sized?

  • Are they power of two sized?sorry, I have bad english and don't understand this.

    If you'd share your capx, someone could probably help you. it is not necessary, because I know that the problem in sprites. Because when I erases part of the sprites of the project, it works. I need to know the cause of it, it's more like a reboot of RAM, because the game crashes at the end of the loading.

  • 64x64 128x128 256x256

    that's power of two.

    a sprite of 1500x1500 will use 9Mb of RAM during game-play.

    so when all your sprites are loaded into RAM they will take a lot of space.

    Use your available ram wisely!

  • By the way if your sprite is 1500x1500, there's a big chance it will be loaded as power of two, which means it will take up 2048x2048x4 = 16.8Mb

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