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  • I was found there so many topics about how to ad in game how to make money from game or monetizing .

    But if you get the history of flappy bird and related game you can get they make $50k per day without ad revenues they use Freemium strategy . Like when the bird die the use a diamond to save and start from here the first is free and the other one is paid . Pay real money to get the life savior diamond for high score . All new games using this strategy and their graph goes to 10 m - 50 m download per day . And Candy Crush and Jetpack Joyride are most popular games using freemium strategy in android and ios . Users pay Halfbrick and to get coins and they make game easier with them . Using this the Developer make millions of dollars only in one game .

    You want to use ad or in app purchase . But 80 out of 100 peoples like free game and 20 use the paid version and like to click on the ad in interest and that looks not genuine and cool and you only get 2 cents for 50 views is it good ?

    Now 80 out of 40 like to pay to get advantages/upgrades in game and when other 20 know about that they also want more advantage in game then you makes money from 60 out of 100 peoples and your downloading goes to amazingly high if you have a interesting game .

    I just share this strategy to you because i search so many posts and videos / episodes about this and i also want to add this one in my construct 2 game and if developer using this to make game in construct 2 they can able to make their more game users .

    I just game you example of this

    • - I exactly don't know how to use this in game is there ant plugin or website .

    If you know how i add this feature in my game tell me .

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  • Sorry about my url not posted but the thing is described in post

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