How do I make a game with a moirai-like game ?(web data)

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  • Hello

    I want to make a game that's like Moirai in the following characteristic:

    (Ok, if you never played or watched a video about Moirai, I strongly recommend you to play ir, it's free on gamejolt and steam and you'll spend 10 minutes on the game, here's the link: ).

    I want to do something like the loop on the game .

    When you enter the final cave and there's the last player, he answers you with the last player's ansewrs, then you choose if you kill him or let him live, then you enter the cave and kill or don't the lady, and you go out and the NEXT player kills you or not.

    I want to do a game where you can do like the same thing, but resuming, i want to make a game where i can pick information from the last player, store it somewhere, then make it influence the next gameplay, but i think it has to be online, how do i do it? (i don't know if it has to be online, if i can do it someway offline tell me)

    Thanks since now.

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  • So, you basically want to make branching dialogue that affects gameplay, ala kind of what Bioware does?

  • Yes.... But there's a thing.

    The game stores the data from the last gameplay, i think, then, when the next player plays the game, he gets the aswers from the last player when he asks te question.

  • Hmm...this is intended to be multiplayer, so that may complicate things slightly. I have not actually touched any of the multiplayer plugin for the engine, so I have no idea how to help you on the multiplayer front, but some advice of how to do it, besides the multiplayer/peer-connection part:

    Use arrays or dictionaries and loading/saving from json to localstorage for storing the conversation-data with the choices a player has made previously. Dictionaries may be your better choice, as they are easier to learn and understand than arrays are, and a dictionary can do anything an array can do, data-wise, besides if you specifically need to loop elements, which arrays are used for. Below is some psuedo-code for how it may work with an example conversation, once you figure how the array/dict and json/localstorage first:

    Is "firstconversationwithAlan" =/= 0

    Player is overlapping with Alan = true

    Is player pressing button-action "Space"

    Dictionary key "AlanconversationDeterminator" = "StringValue" OR [is variable "branch1choice" = 3] (depending on how you want to approach things)

    Textbox event stuff (not sure if you have a system setup for textboxes)

    Set text-object Alantext to = "ReactionA"


    Textbox event stuff

    Set text-object Alantext to = "ReactionB"

    Something small to note with checking the dict-key here. Depending on if you have static dialogue choices that are pre-defined or allow the player enter their own unique responses (ala old text-adventure games, you can do either:

    *Static dialogue choices = check for a variable's value (which is where you'll store what dialogue choices the player choose from previous convos) for when setting NPC reactions

    *Allow for entering text = Check for a specific string, such as this example:

    Dictionary key "Alanconversationbranch1choice" = "There was nobody home. This is suspicious, I've tried already for four days. He's not even answering. He's either a hermit now or something is very wrong..."

    The minor problem I suppose with option b is that strings are very specific...they're case sensitive, so the player has to enter exactly what you want for the trigger to occur.

  • I did not understand it very well

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