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  • Hi, I was thinking about making a game for mobile

    Does anyone know the best resolution and screen settings to make it, I tried something with PhoneGap, but the screens I have left or too small or too large.

    If anyone has tried it would save me a lot of time testing.

    thank you thank you thank you.

  • It all depends on what phones you wish to develop for.

    iphone 3gs - 320x480

    iphone 4, 4s - 640x960

    ipad, ipad2 - 1024x768.

  • It is a good help.

    you will not know which is the ideal mode screen crop, scale??

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  • You should not design games for any particular screen size. Instead see supporting multiple screen sizes. You probably want to use the 'scale' fullscreen mode so everything looks about the same size regardless of the actual display size.

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  • Ashley, you should implement a template system like Adobe Flash does.

    The template only adjusts the stages size for the user but it's quite a nice little feature.

    So you could have iphone, android, ipad ect.

    I know the supporting multiple screen sizes is the way you suggest to go, but when I make a game for different devices I change a few things, especially when it comes to interfacing on the iPad.

    But it's mainly to do with DPI, if im developing for the retina display I use a dpi of 326 for my graphics, for older devices 163. So supporting multiple screen sizes is not the smartest thing to do for mobile devices.

  • When a game of 800x600 probe to pass it to PhoneGap the result turned out correct conversion to the generic device. I'll try a more specific device for the conversion.

    The result was small or large.

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  • Here's some pages that might help:

    Solving the Screen Size Problem with HTML5


    Supporting Multiple Screens


    Targeting Screens from Web Apps


    How to Make an HTML5 iPhone App


  • Thanks i see <img src="smileys/smiley1.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

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