How do I make my Game Menu (left) stay in position

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  • Hello All! This is my first time to post in the forum...Hope I am in the right place and following the rules...

    I am trying to create a 'Game Menu' (left side of layout) that stays in the same position (x10,y10) and zoom factor (100%) relative to the browser window no matter how much you manipulate the 'game space' (right side of layout) when zooming/scrolling/etc. The only graphical reference I can offer is a game called Neptune's Pride II (see image below). The menu or left side of the window acts as if it's in its own frame (scrolling vertically but non-zoomable. The Game Space or right side of browser window is scroll-able (panning only no scroll bars) and is zoomable (using mousewheel). Is this possible in Construct 2? Any help or examples would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

    <img src="" border="0" />relativenot

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  • What you are looking for is Parallax. It's a setting on the properties of a layer. Set up a layer to be the menu, and set it's parallax to be 0,0 so it stays still while the background layer can still be moved.

    here is a tutorial on Parallax:

  • Thank you Paradox! I had seen Parallax mentioned but never knew what it was and sadly never took the time to find out. I will definitely be checking it now though! Thanks again!

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