Game lagging after destroy action also

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  • Hi guys,

    Am working on a project something like a "happy fall".

    Am in the middle of the project but i dont think i should go ahead without solving the lag in my game.

    The game freeze or kind a lag when platform goes up.when platforms are out of layout am destroying by viewport so it should not lag but still am facing the issue on browser and also after compiling a apk with cocoonjs.

    I tested the apk on Galaxy S3 and its hard to play coz the game get start lagging after few seconds.

    Here is the capx

    here is the apk compiled with cocoonjs

    Anyone have solution for it?? am i doing something wrong?

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  • When running your game in debug-mode, you see the amount of platforms increase and increase dramatically..

    So yes, something is going wrong..

  • This takes care of the first issue

    your coins are still an issue though..

    Multiple are created instead of 1..

  • LittleStain

    thanks for the reply

    the first capx sent by you...i was working on that one....

    i might have done something wrong...

    basically i found the problem why its was counting so many objects..

    Actually the first file that u uploaded...the platforms was down but i wanted the platforms to go up so i changed


    thats where the problem occured i think

    but in new capx by you its fine...thanks a lot

    the problem of coins could be coz its spawning through PlatformP?

    i think i should compile again to check apk should not lag tht much now

  • LittleStain

    yeah its working fine

    thnx a ton!

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