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  • Hi! I'm new to Construct 2 and I had an idea for a game that I was trying to create. I want to make a puzzle game where the main idea involves moving boxes onto buttons. However, I want to add some other things in to make it interesting and challenging.

    1) Selecting things

    I want the player to be able to click certain boxes or platforms in order to select them specifically. I was thinking this would be easy, but then, I also want to make it so that after it is selected, pushing different keys does different things to it. So would that be a sub-event, or what? (Also, the rest of this list is after the object is selected by clicking.)

    2) Gravity

    After selected, I wanted the 1 key to make the object reverse its gravity, so like it would fly to the ceiling. The 2 key would make it fall back down and make it weigh more after falling. Also, a different key pushed alone without anything selected would make the player flip his gravity ALONE, so everything else would stay. How would I do this?

    3) Checking weight

    Tying in to the heavier object idea, I wanted to make "scales" that would measure the weight of objects and see if it weighed enough to activate it. How would this work?

    Sorry, I'm new, so figuring this out is kind of difficult. I have a vague idea of how things MIGHT work, but I'm not sure if it would really work. Also, do you guys think this game sounds hard to create or no? Because if it is, I was thinking maybe I should try other stuff first before taking this on. Thanks.

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  • I think you could make it with Construct 2, but if I were trying to make it, I'd try doing some simpler things first. Best to vent your learning frustrations on projects you don't really care that much about.

    Also, if you do a number of simpler projects to begin with, you may end up finishing your big project sooner because you won't make so many false starts.

    Re your questions:

    1) Selecting objects - All of this is straightforward with Construct 2.

    2) Gravity - You can change gravity of objects that have the physics behavior and objects that have the bullet behavior, but it sounds more like you'll want physics. You can combine behaviors, but sometimes you have to disable one behavior and enable another or things go sort of haywire.

    3) Weight - you can create an instance variable on an object where you store the weight you assign it, perhaps based on some formula. Then the scale would make use of this to show the player the weight.

    None of this sounds hard to me, but I've done quite a bit of experimenting. Check out the tutorials section and Kyatric's

    How Do I Frequently Asked Questions

    In particular, do the first two tutorials (Ashley's Beginner's Guide to Construct 2 where you create the Ghost shooter and Velojet's tutorial on making a platformer.) Even though you might not be building one of these types of games, they'll help.

    Also examine the Examples that come with Construct 2. You may find the physics examples interesting, but it's worth going through them all, IMO.

    Eventually you might take a look at Sqiddster's How to make a gravity based platformer. Certainly go and play the game on the arcade (under Rotary Games, I think) to see some ideas about working with gravity.

    Good luck!

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