How do I make such a game like Icy tower?

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  • Hi all to all of the readers and game developers right there. I am a student of game design and development and this is the first game engine that i used. And i want to make a game like Icy tower a game that goes upward and then i want the game play of icy tower to be there. Please is there anyone there that can help me to my project? I need tutorials or even sample projects that shows what i need. Thank you so much in advance! Happy Game making! ASAP reply

  • Users on here are generally more than happy to help other users, but we are not here to create games for you, unless you are willing to pay, of course

    Start to learn the program and make an attempt at what you want, then if you get stuck, post what you have then other users will be more able to assist you.

  • I'm sorry for not making it clear. I already did some part of the game i already have done creating the animation of my character and i also have backgrounds. but what my problem is i can't make the feature like icy tower where the bottom of the screen is like chasing the player? and how to put scores in every floors that player passed? thanks for replying.

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  • Do yourself a favor and read the manual , do some tutorials ,search the forums and then experiment as much as you can , the more you teach yourself the more you retain . Asking for help should be a last resort and a hard habit to break as it makes you dependent instead of self reliant .

    Try this out :

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