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  • greetings guys

    i would like to have your help in creating a game like icy tower

    i just need the basic such as the life and scores because in the tutorials for creating platform game i did all what mentioned but still i have an error which is the continuing scores adding to my character,

    your help is so appreciated

  • any one can help me please?

  • Unfortunately, nobody is going to make your game for you. You really should follow the beginner's tutorial, look at the included example games, read the manual and the FAQ, and then if you are still stuck, ask questions in the how-do-I section.

    Good luck with your game, you will find Icy Tower a simple feat in C2 ;)

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  • i didnt say that i need to build my game but at eat i need a reference or a guide of this kind of games i already followed the tutorial in here but unfortunately i faced problem in the getting score section

  • I don't think there's a tutorial specificly about a "Icy tower-like" but you can find a lot of informations in the already available tutorials and in the how do I FAQ.

    Also maybe you should post a capx showing clearly your problem. Your description of the issue is far too vague I'm afraid.

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