how to make a game in a horizontal view ??

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  • i am making a game using construct2 for android devices.

    i tested the game in a tab but it goes vertical view when it starts.

    what i want is to start and play it horizontally.

    i mean when game starts it should automatically go to the horizontal view.

    i don't know how to make a game in a horizontal view.

    please let me know how can i do this so that i can carry on with my game making.and also what resolution should i keep for my game??

  • horizontal and vertical can sometimes be a matter of height and width, or even scrolling of parallax. Or do you want to base it on device orientation? Or do you mean portrait vs. landscape? The browser object may help. Or the cocoonjs object... For resolution, check the tutorial on supporting multiple screen sizes:

    Supporting multiple screen sizes

  • do you mean portrait vs landscape? or else?

  • Give an example because anyone dont know what do you mean :D

  • I know what you're talking about buddy.

    First of all, what type of exportation you're using? because you need to configure it on the post processing feature.

  • i am talking about the following landscape mode game play.

    i want to make the game which should automatically go in a landscape view.

    <img src="" border="0" />

    i tested my game in tablet but i only been able to play it in an portrait view. i couldn't make it horizontal.

    i exported it in phonegap(html5 fils) to make its apk file for android device.

  • cocoonjs, appmobi, phonegap, etc objects should all have properties for setting/locking the orientation.

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  • ok i will check it out settings on phonegap , cocoonjs !

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