How do I make a game like Home?

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  • I don't know if this has been asked before but I couldn't find anything. Anyway I want to make a side scrolling adventure game where you enter buildings and different rooms and so on.

    for anyone who doesn't know Home here is a link.

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    I notice many people make metroidvania games on one layout and I figure i could do it that way, but wondered what the benefits are versus multiple layouts?

    I'm currently coming up with the scenario and designs but soon i will be starting the coding and not sure how best to structure it mechanically.

  • Having the entire level on one layout just means smooth scrolling throughout, without hitting as many layout boundaries. I'm not sure there's any difference other than that. Having a bunch of layouts might get clunky and a pain to handle in the editor, so if I were doing it I might put several rooms on the same layout at a time, just cause I can't multitask like that.

  • genejoke

    Well, If you look at the game as a whole, the mechanics are fairly simple.

    The player moves from left to right, no movement on the y axis, no physics involved. The 8-directions behavior (reduced to a left-right movement) can easily handle all you need.

    Only 2 animations are needed, idle and walking, which can be mirrored to switch directions.

    A global layout can handle all your text descriptions, neatly stored in an array. An object and game choice inventory can also be stored in arrays.

    Your main issue here is to build an event sheet that fits all your layouts which is also neat and tidy. If I were to build a clone of this game, I would build ONE Sprite object with ALL the description hotspots (things that can be looked at, but not picked up or opened), give it 3 instance variables: normalFrameNumber, highlightedFrameNumber and textArrayNumber.

    If Player overlapping Hotspot => set Hotspot animation frame to Self.highlightedFrameNumber

    sub-event: action button is pressed = set text to textArray.At(Hotspot.textArrayNumber), set text visible, and so on....

    Else => set Hotspot animation frame to Self.normalFrameNumber

    The same thing can be done for all exits and inventory items:

    If Player overlapping Exit => set Exit animation frame to Self.highlightedFrameNumber

    sub-event: action button is pressed => show exit animation cut scene, wait 2 secs and go to layout Exit.exitLayoutNumber

    Else => set Exit animation to Self.normalFrameNumber

    (if you have multiple layout exits, you will want to also note the x,y location on the layout where you want your player to appear)

    By spreading out your game one room or area per layout, your game will be much faster to run, and more fun to play. With good planning before you hit the event sheet, you'll save yourself a lot of time and grief.

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  • Thanks, the simplicity is part of the reason I thought it would be a good style of game to do as all my attempts so far my coding ability has limited me and led to issues further down the line.

    SimoneT you post is extremely helpful thank you.

  • Funny, Home was a major inspiration for me as well and i'm currently making a kinda game like that as well... Although it has some more "advanced" stuff if you want to call it like that like an inventory etc. but the sidescroller horror vibe is definitely still going on

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