Game Is getting faster after some levels

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  • Hi Guys,

    I know its kinda very weird bug..but i have tried lot of things but am not able to figure what exactly the problem is...

    Ok here it is i have made a level based game with 4 levels...after playing 1 and 2 levels (on phone) when i go to 3rd level the animation of enemy die, bazooka explosion, box explosion and some other animations gets faster...faster means the speed of anims increases automatically.... i dont knw i have not done any changes to the eventsheet....and this problem occurs when i spend some time on the game..Like doing levels again and again.

    The problem not occurs on browser version...i get this issue on android phone (tested on 3-4 devices) when i compile it with cocoonjs.

    Here is the apk -

    Construct 2 Game File -

    Anyone on this can help?

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  • You might want to start by updating your C2 version from r178 which is from Aug 2014, just in case - r212.2 is the latest Stable release.

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