How do I make a game FULLSCREEN

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  • Hello,

    I have a problem for 2-3 days, and can't get it down. How can I make a game to go in full screen on mobile/desktop? If I use the Browser request fullscreen it will go just in the NW.js.

    It's there a scrip, plugin, or something that work?


  • You can request fullscreen only after a touch or mouse event.

    For example "On tap -> Browser request fullscreen"

    Note, that you can't do it in "On touch start", it will not work in some mobile browsers. Better use "On Tap" or "On touch end" or wait 1 frame after "On touch start".

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  • dop2000

    You saved me bro!

  • I got another question...

    The user is supposed to enter his name. He will type his name using the keyboard of his mobile. How can I detect when he press the "Enter" button from that keyboard? It's there a way?

    I solved in a way that problem by move forward when the user double-tap. But it's not ok.

    Any ideas?

  • Are you using TextBox?

    You can use "Keyboard -> On Return pressed", this event triggers even when cursor is inside the textbox.

    I've just tested, it works on mobile with on-screen keyboard.

    Thanks for the coffee! : )

  • Yep.. It worked. Before that, I tried with "Return is down"... but that didn't work.

    Now it solved. Thank you!

    I bought a coffee for you!

  • Yeah, TextBox "intercepts" most keyboard events. I think "On Return" and "On Escape pressed" are the only ones that work inside the text box.


  • dop2000

    Hi. I'm developing for a PC game how do I make my screen already in fullscreen the moment the player decided to play again.In short I want save the fullscreen the moment the player press the button(one time) and vice versa.

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