Game in Folio (InDesign) - not working

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  • Hi!

    We are creating an interactive magazine for the iPad, using the Folio format of InDesign.

    Therefore, I created a game with Construct 2 and exported it to a html5-folder.

    However, when we integrate the game into InDesign and run the application on the iPad, the whole thing crashes as soon as the game gets accessed.

    Do you have any ideas how to fix this?


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  • To get that right, you want to add the Game to a pdf?

  • No, not exactly a PDF. I'm trying to get it into a folio with the Adobe Digital Publishing Suite. Just like this person here:

    With this format you can create interacitve blog-like applications for the iPad, and normally html5 content is supported.

    What I achieved now is getting the game working in the preview screen, although it freezes at the first collision event occuring.

    There is also the problem that user input from the iPad is still allowed while playing the game, so when swiping the player around, the whole document scrolls around...

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