How do I make a game fast?

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  • I have to whip out a game in three days...hoping for a jump platform game...but anything goes.

    Is there a script or tutorial, so that I can follow along? I tried the tutorial for the meteor shooting game, but its a little complicated...

    I work best following scripts, and learning that way, rather than experimenting, it's just the way my break works!!

    Thanks L

  • Check out the templates that comes with Construct2, go to new project and search for templates. You will find alot of usefull stuff there.

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  • (opinion)

    I remember I had to get a game out in a month. That was last November, and I'm still working on it. I wasn't contracted or anything, but a one man team means a many moons project. Had I asked for help from friends to do graphics and sound, I could have done it in that month, but I'm not rich and cannot pay them what they were asking.

    If you figure out how to make an original game in 3 days, let me know. Not trying to burst your bubble or anything, but I've been a self taught programmer, never have had official training in software design or development, but I've learned a lot (and forget a lot, too, which is why documentation exists) and it wasn't until Construct 2 came along that I actually have a way of getting my product to a mass audience. The PC market was impossible to get into for indies like myself, but because of HTML5 and Scirra's C2, the flood gates are open. Patience is the most important thing. The devil hurries the mind.

    Always remember: you can't do a fast job good, and you can't do a good job fast.

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