Game, exported as HTML crashes on mobile devices, but runs on desktop. How can I get this running?

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  • As the question said, I have developed a game and it's not working on most mobile devices and I would like to know if there is anything I could do, do get this running.

    A preview of the game is available here:

    You finde the game next to the red curtain, the purple one. It's only available in german.

    Here are some background information about the project. The game was developed in Construct 2 and was exported as HTML and deployed on a server. The download size is 236 MB and the estimated memory size is 1.1 GB. The game consists of several mini games. All but one of them work everywhere, but this one, the biggest, crashed on mobile devices with the exception of the iPad Pro.

    The error message from Safari is: The website has been reloaded because it requires a lot of memory.

    The asset size of this mini game is about 80MB (35MB graphics, 45MB audio).

    I would say that this is not really special, but still it does not work.

    My question is, what can I do or try to get this running.

    Thank you!

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  • Reducing about 25 spritesheets to minimum size had an very sgnificant influence on the memory size. The estimated memory size is now 690MB. The spritesheets had a size about 1MB, now they have only 250kb. Very impressive how spritesheet size is influencing memory size.

    Also I've saved every image without any transparency as jpg. This reduced the download size to 193MB.

    Now it's starting on iPad Mini and iPhone X. But still it's not working properly cause background music is missing. I'm using a plugin to play the background music (Advanced Audio Fade Driver). Maybe it has something to do with that...

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