How do I Make A Game With These Exact Proportions

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  • Hi guys, I'm new to Construct 2.

    I find everything in this program straightforward... except for sizing sprites and the actual window everything plays in. Can someone just tell me how you would size your layout, window, and the sprite size you would use for a small platformer? I'm used to drawing in 32x32, I want sprites to be small like that. I don't really know if I'm explaining it right... just imagine Starbound, in a browser, except with the sprites being 32x32. How would you do that? I've been messing around all morning, resizing the layout, the window, like I can't figure out how to get this to look right. Every time I run the game, the sprites are too tiny or something, and it doesn't come out clear like Browser Quest.

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  • Vulturus - you might have to keep playing around with the game's window size. 32x32 is pretty small, so if you want them to look bigger, have a smaller window.

  • Ok, after several hours of racking my brain, I have figured out the closest thing to a Browser Quest size window: 1100 by 600. Putting this here in case I ever lose my notes for future reference or for anyone else who may need it.

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