My game engine (Construct 2) ia causing me problems.

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  • Greeting Construct users,

    My game engine (Construct 2) refuse to display the images that are envolve in my game. I think that the dialogue have mentioned that some of my .png files are corrupt. I can't afford to delete my project and start it all over again. Can you give me some suggestion to solve my problem? This is the pictures of the error messages that Construct 2 is displaying each time that I open my project:

  • Looks like your project is corrupted. Do you have backups?

    If not, can you share your project file? Maybe there is a way to fix it.

  • To DOP2000:

    I have a backup but it is also corrupted and make the same error message. How can I share the file with someone who can repair it? Do you have to send it at an email address of Scirra? Answer me as soon as possible!

    Thank you!

  • If you don't want to share it on this forum, you can email it to me:

    doperst2006 (at)

  • To dop2000:

    Wait I will make some verifications and if everything is ok I will send you the file of my game. Jus want to know something, if I sent the file of my video game, do I have to send the image of the objects and the background, the sound and music or just the Construct 2 file without all those files?

  • Try to re-import the files you have damaged or deleted into the animation or texture folder. You have a dialog saying that you deleted the "000" frame from the folder named:"sprTitleMaze"or "SplashPage_Background".

  • WesleyDeveloper9 Just the project file (capx or zip). I'm not promising anything, hopefully there is some easy to fix issue like wrong folder structure.

  • To TheFaith30:

    I did what you told me and it's still doesn't work. I will contact Scirra if they can't help me I will accept the suggestion of a user who asked me to send the file so he can repair it.

    Thank you!

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  • To dop2000:

    Ok, I have contacted Scirra support for that issue, if they can't help me out or if they don't succeed, I will send you my video game file (.capx file) at your email address ( so you can repair it. I will contact you back when Scirra will give me an answer concerning my issue.

    Thank you!

  • To dop2000:

    I sent my file to Scirra but they were not capable to solve the problem completely so I have decided to delete my project and start it all over again. This is not a big deal because I was about to complete level 1 only. So you don't need to wait for my file I will not send it to you because I have decided to recreate the project again.

    Thank you for your help.

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