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  • How can I have game over, a play again button and high scores, pop up as soon as the player dies. I want when my sprite hits an object an animation for the sprite is played then game over, play again, and high scores pop up.

  • Simply add an extra top most layer, none transparent, set intially to invisible, holding those details.

    Game over, score list, restart button.

    Upon death, make the layer visible and do whatever else is needed. (like disabling controls)

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  • It's much easier making another layout.(That's if you don't want to make it transparent to see the death scene)

    You won't have to disable the controls.

  • Thanks guys, I tried both methods but the problem I'm running into is that, my collisions event for when my sprite dies is:

    Sprite | Is overlapping TILEDFLOOR | Sytem | Go to layout "Start"

    Sprite | Is overlapping Top Object | System | Go to layout "Start"

    Sprite | Is overlapping Bottom Object | System | Go to layout "Start"

    Sprite | Is outside layout | System | Go to "Start"

    Now these are all individual events. But when I try to put, use an action under the first event to play a sound and wait couple seconds (using time scale) before seeing the game over overlay screen.. it just.. doesn't work :/

  • event

    Sprite | Is overlapping TILEDFLOOR


    Play sound

    wait x seconds,

    Go to layout "Start"

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