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  • There's Dune games: Dune 2, Dune 2000, Emperor Battle for Dune.

    <a href="">Dune</a>

    A game like this where I can make buildings, upgrade buildings, make turrets, infantry, etc. It's kind of top view but it's nice to see it from a bit of an angle.

    How do I make games like this?

  • I feel you may need to start off smaller if you want help.

    Instead of asking how to make a whole game, try asking smaller questions, such as, "How to place buildings on a map".

    You'll get more help that way.

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  • A lot of work imo, if your new to Construct 2 I would start with something smaller just to under how it works.

    If I was to do a dune game I would use drag a drop behaviors which are disabled once "dropped" and you can do test on clicked HUD options if you have the "credits" spawn that building for example. Then you can do things like clicking a building changes HUD, and building units spawns sprites/units at building UID.

    As for the perspective, keep it simple by imaging everything is flat but your asset are actually in isometric. I would use collision to stop buildings being placed over it other.

    Or you can use one of the plugins to handle isometric/perceptive grids.

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