My game doesn't work on Mobile Devices

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  • It seems my lack of rep is preventing me from pasting the whole URL. The game is called Omicron X, it's in shooting games. Zenox98 has a working link in his post

    It plays fine on PC, but on mobile devices the title screen is blank white until you tap, and once you start the game, the player and background are missing, and the camera is away from the normal starting point. The capx is available at the link, i just need help figuring this out.

  • I've downloaded the .capx from HERE and there are no audio files in the .capx, which might explain the lack of sound.

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  • i know there is no sound, I havent prepared any yet. The issue is that the game is not playable on mobile at all

  • Removing reference to audio not playing in your OP just makes my post non-sensical - thanks for that :/

    Shot in the dark (users with greater knowledge feel free to interject) - your background image is 1500x1125. If you search on power of 2 images, you'll find a lot of discussion on non-power of 2 images been the cause of problems. If this was the case here, then your image would need to be scaled up to 2048x2048, which could easily be too much for most older mobiles.

    Try a dummy (512x512 stretched) or no background and see if that makes a difference.

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