How do I make a game like Into The Dim

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  • I want to make a game where the character only gets a certain amount of moves, and then moves around a dungeon (btw how do i make an endless dungeon, or do you suggest levels instead?) . Then when player is in front of enemy, instead of using his moves to walk, they can be used to punch?

  • I took a quick look at the game. Seems simple enough despite the intriguing concept.

    I don't know the exact logistics or have enough time to mess around to create a working prototype, but the basics would involve creating a variable, whether global or an instance one for the player. Have it be 0 at runtime at first and add +1 every the player makes an action (such as moves onto a tile, uses an item, attacks, etc), and then check if = 3 each turn after, and fulfill the conditions to ignore actions if true. I'm not sure of the logistics there in exact, that's the problem. There's a basic idea. I'll try to make you an example later when I get time. You could set an instance boolean for the player (usedupturns=false) and set it true when their turn limit hits 3, and then run the eventing for the enemies. Rinse and repeat.

  • LaDestitute I feel like such a noob, but can u show an event pic for this, I'm a visual learner. U said you'll make an example, do you know when this can be ready. I don't mean to sound desperate.

  • Later tonight, probably

  • Also, how do I make an endless dungeon type scenario, like the game Rust Bucket.

  • Procedural generation, which is not an easy thing and requires a lot to learn

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  • LaDestitute I guess, I'll simply take a looksie at the tutorials.

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