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  • During christmas I got an email from my friend wich had a link to a interactive christmas card thingie

    And I really liked it but I only now got time and the mood to give it a try and set up a example in construct2. Its really awesome that i dont need actual coding for turning my ideas into games <img src="smileys/smiley4.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

    Eather way, it fullfills my plans and im just sharing it here in case someone wanna give this one a try for own games that involve dialogue.

    It may seem like a loong eventsheet but i find it to be good for creating speciffic actions folloving step by step in speciffic order by clicking the mouse so the player cant skip actions or scenes in the gameplay.

    I think this method can be used for point and click adventure games, RPG dialogs or interactive greeting cards and maybe even game tips that respond to mouse click over and outside the sprite object.


    This example contains:

    -detailed description of the actions and events

    -Use of global variables as scenes and actions for step by step dialog process

    -triggering actions by mouseclick over and outside the object

    -change of text color and sprite animation during speciffic actions

    -Sprite object dialogs in private variables

    and so on and so on... youll see when you start the example :P

    And as usual, you are free to improve or share own ideas!

  • Simple but Nice!

    I was working on an adventure game myself some time ago, using a different implementation of dialogs:

    Leaving Nic's Vegas

    I think that if I'm going to procede I will at least try to implement your way in some cases..

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  • Very useful to me. I'm new to Construct and it took me no time at all to wrangle this for general environment interactions with animation/text in a platformer (i.e. open fridge and drinks spill out whilst character yells something).


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