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  • Hi there !

    I know there are several topic about it already but my I have a specific question.

    Actually, I have in mind to try to make a game like Ogame(a PHPgame), but with some part played thanks to Construct 2.

    Basically, i need a game where you can manage your avatar directly on the website with PHP. Next, a played moment where your inventory is charged in the game, like your equipment or the numbers of HPpotions you have, and when the game ends, update your inventory if you use potions or if you got new objects. Do you see what i mean ? Is it possible to do that right now ?

    Furthermore, how can you make an inventory like in DistanceGame (You got basic equipment, and you can upgrade it with objects you pick up)?

    ps: I'm French. I did the tutorial game, and read the manual. May be the answer of my 1st question is "Yes with Ajax" but my 2nd question is still viable.

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  • Argh! those damn frenchies!

    There's some inventory topic form not long ago

  • Hmm, it's an awesome inventory but not really what i expected.

    What about my first question ?

  • "Yes with AJAX" :D

    Anything PHP related is out of C2, so yes, to deal with it, you setup some logic on your serverside in PHP and send an AJAX request to the server from the game to trigger it.

    You can find examples and more documentation in the "how do I FAQ" in the section "AJAX"

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