How to make your game cross-platform?

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  • Greeting Construct 2 users,

    With Construct 2, how can you make your game cross-platform? (Cross-platform means playable on multiple devices like a Desktop computer/PC, Laptop, Tablet, Cellphone and TV). You can take your time to answer me.

    Thank you a lot for helping me!

  • I have moved your topic to the Construct 2 forum since you are asking the question specifically about Construct 2.

    The default HTML5 exports allows your game to be reached and played from a browser on any type of platforms that has a browser which supports HTML5 features.

    So the default export of Construct is cross-platform by default.

  • To Kyatric:

    So you are telling me that my game will be playable on a Desktop computer/PC, Laptop, Tablet, Cellphone and TV if each of those devices have browsers that support HTML 5 and I don't need to add anything in the Event Sheet to make my game work on different platform?

  • I'm saying that an HTML5 export, when hosted on an HTML server, can be reached from an URL in a compatible browser on any device.

    In my knowledge, TVs do not have compatible browsers.

    But some were able to support APK, so an export in Cordova worked for those.

    Perhaps you should check out the available exports :

    Then, according to the specificities of the platform you are targeting, use the appropriate export.

    But the answer to the original question you asked was indeed that HTML5 export allows for "cross-platform" right out of the bat.

  • need to add anything in the Event Sheet to make my game work on different platform?

    You'll need to add different control systems, e.g. use Touch for tablet/mobile and Keyboard for PC/Laptop, and you'll need to consider aspect ratios and scaling, but otherwise the game should work on whatever devices for which you've done a compatible export.

  • To OddConfection:

    1- I have a cellphone but no tablet and I was wondering how can I put the file of my game in my cellphone to be able to test the "Touch" object to see if my code is working?

    2- How can I manipulate the size of my layout (aspect ratios and scaling), so my layout can fit the screen of a PC, Laptop, Cellphone and Tablet?

  • 1 - The answer is already provided as part of the manual article previously linked - :

    "If you have mobiles, tablets or other laptops/PCs you want to test on, previewing over your local network (e.g. Wifi) can make testing considerably easier. For more information, see the tutorial How to preview on a local network." -

    2 - Tutorial - Supporting multiple screen size -

  • To Kyatric

    The "Viewport" property seems to be absent in the version of Construct (I use Construct 2), so I cannot enter the 16:9 resolution for the viewport size in Project Properties. Or unless the "Viewport" property exist under another name in Construct 2?

  • The "Viewport" property in Construct 2 is called "Window size".

  • To Kyatric:

    The "Viewport" property in Construct 2 is called "Window size"? So you are telling me that I have to change the size of my window (layout) for each platform that will be used to play the game? Example if I want people to play my game in a cellphone I will have to change the "Window Size " values so my game can fit in the screen and same thing for the tablet. And this also means that I have to create a different version of my game for each device? I think I will just publish it for PC.

    Answer me questions I just want to make sure that we understand each other.

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  • No. Not at all.

    Second paragraph of the "Supporting multiple screen sizes" article :

    Target aspect ratios, not resolutions.

    Read it again, and apply it.

  • To Kyatric:

    I read the "Supporting multiple screen sizes" and according to what I read I think that it's better for me to keep the "Letterbox scale" option selected for my game.

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