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  • What is the first thing you do when creating a game? Do you start off with the game mechanics, GUI, or sprites?

  • When you come up with a concept, it should be based on a game mechanic. The GUI is designed around that. I will get my game engine working before I even think about the interface. Unless it's something like Orbital Bomb-Bounder, which was a rotation based game, where everything rotates around the center of the screen.

    Usually when I make a game the sprites are quick filler sprites that get replaced once or twice before the game is done.

  • For me it starts with a concept, this could be around an art feature, gameplay mechanic, or story I like. Depending on what is driving my concept that is what I would start with first. Say it is an interesting gameplay mechanic, then I would do tests in C2 to see if I could accomplish it. Then I would work on the art, which fuels the story for me personally. If the concept is around an art feature then I would start with that, then to story, then to gameplay. A good idea is a Game Design Document. There are TONS of Game Design Document templates out there to download for free. It can really help get all your ideas/hurdles out so you can see what needs to be done.

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  • I just start with an idea for the game, and then start with basic squares/circles/triangles to represent objects that will be made to look prettier later.

    While that's happening, I also use functions, so that it is easier to make the controls the same for PC, iOS, Android, etc

    Then slowly, I then work on a half done mechanics, then when it comes to testing, I build a basic interface, with instructions for those testing.

  • It really depends on the game and your own style of workflow. The first game I made in C2 was equally based on both the mechanics and the story, and the art aspect was last. My second game was based solely on the mechanics. The game I'm working on now is mostly story and art driven with a secondary emphasis on the mechanics, at least at this point. Soon the mechanics will become paramount but I already know they can be done so they weren't my focus when I started planning and creating the game. So, like I said before, at least in my opinion, how you go about the planning and initial creation of your games is really up to you and they type of game you're going to make.

  • If we are talking about a game. Then mechanics.

    If we are talking about an experience, then it's design.

    IF we are talking about engagement, then story.

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